Color Vision

Color Vision is pleased to launch a new 30w track light for accent lighting application. Bringing top-notch impression at first glance,Color Vision’s newest LED track light is greatly appreciated by appealing fitting design and quality light performance.

Designers are now intended to incorporate green lighting styles to their interior designs that produce no heat, IR or UV light, allowing fresh goods and fruits to be exposed to the unharmed light directly. A well-designed lighting product serves not only as lighting equipment, but also to create a distinct characteristic that draws customers’ attentions while browsing the shops or exhibits.

A variety of sites including art gallery where higher color rendering index requires, CRI 90 is what we can achieve to light up the true color of the arts so that people can appreciate it. Besides, carefully controlled environments is commonly demanded in order to preserve the authentic arts, high CRI LED track light is absolutely perfect for such application.

To retro fit the existing rail systems, the 3-phase European standard adaptor is available to fit in several well-known brands consisting of ERCO, EUTRAC, NOKIA, STAFF etc. As well, we can provide a complete solution for new projects including track accessory.